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Our Projects

Since our founding, we have multiple Top 10 downloaded titles in different AppStores around the world. Aside from projects published under our own label like MechWarrior: Tactical Command which uses our own in-house Singapore Developed 3D Mobile Game Engine which allows full 360 degree rotation for an environment of a grid of 2048 x 2048, the only one of its’ kind, we also worked with other companies in developing their projects using our technologies created in the gaming space. Due to our standard confidentiality agreements, we are unable to disclose the exact names of the companies or the full details of the projects but here are some of the projects we are doing and have completed.

We have completed 2 mobile 3D virtual world prototype clients for 2 different companies, one using a commercial game engine, the other was developed a custom mobile 3D engine for performance reasons.

We have also completed a mobile logistics client for a Singapore Logistics company to enhance their service delivery and accountability.

For a major international product distributor, we have completed a retail display solution which allows the dynamic showing of content using our 3D and 2D game graphics technology for a interactive user experience. We have also worked on organisations involved in fitness trackers

We have prototyped a Content Delivery System for a Global Luxury Fashion House Dior of LVMH that encompass a touch free Kiosk to be used in a retail environment.

We have designed and architected a system for a Logistics Startup for a system which uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, in service planning and delivery.

We have an ongoing project with a healthcare provider in developing and maintaining a IoT based therapy system encompassing signal processing, electronics design and manufacture and also bluetooth interactivity through a mobile app.

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About Personae Studios

Personae Studios LLP was formed in October 2007 with a vision: To dive into one's creative mind in an attempt to fuse traditional gaming methods with the electronic gaming space. Our goal is to introduce new and engaging computer gaming concepts by incorporating the roots of traditional computer gaming methods, with the innovative gameplay elements driven by modern technologies.

Our studio specializes in the design and development of mobile games and supporting infrastructures. We believe in designing games that suit all occasions, while bringing entertainment closer to you wherever you go. We’ve produced several of the top downloaded games in different markets.

Our goal is to be the leader in game design innovation and diversification. By breaking out of the normal boundaries the human mind creates, and reaching for what others think cannot be done, we live by the Personae Studio motto every day: Daring to Escape, Doing the Impossible. At Personae Studios, we bring both our technical and design expertise to other markets including retail, healthcare and logistics.

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